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About the Foundation

The Lintner Foundation began in 2013 around the same time as the first IndyPendence Day event was being planned. The Foundation was formed as a charitable organization that would benefit from the event and allow the monies raised to be dispersed to needy organizations or individuals. The Lintner Foundation as well as the IndyPendence Day concept was a result of the sharing of ideas by myself and my daughters Hannah Lintner and Madeline Lintner. We essentially are the foundation! Cebronica Scott who has been immeasurably helpful with the IndyPendence Day planning also plays a role in the foundation. My daughters and I discuss who we would like to donate to each year and what our short and long term goals are for the foundation and for the IndyPendence Day event. These two items although separate are intimately connected as that as of now it is the foundation's most significant fund raiser. You can learn more about the IndyPendence Day Concert for Cancer at the following link Indypendenceday.com.


The Lintner Foundation became a way for the three of us to give back and honor not only the people that helped me survive but most importantly to be able to help the patients and families of other cancer patients. The Foundation's mission is not to provide funds for research but to provide direct patient aid for non-insurance related costs. During the four years the Lintner Foundation has existed we have been able to provide over $150,000 in direct patient assistance !!  Saint Francis Hospital Cancer Center Patient Assistance Fund has been the largest recipient receiving $100,000.  Riley Hospital for Children Childhood Cancer Fund has received $25,000 and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society has received $30,000.

Being a cancer patient puts you in a club that nobody wants to be in. Unless you're in the club you have no idea what membership is really like. It sucks !  At the beginning it is all consuming.  Your every thought is about your diagnosis, your mortality, your family. As treatment begins the financial aspects can become a significant burden and add to the overall stress and worry.  The Lintner Foundation was formed to help with that part of the big picture. Our goal is to continue to grow and become an organization that people can look to for support during a horrible time for them and their family.

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